Lengua is simple, effective and focus on what is important.

  • Instead of making users spend time on studying English-Spanish word-pairs, Lengua teaches all vocabulary in context. 
  • Instead of having many ok features, Lengua has put all effort into one single great learning task.
  • Instead of talking about grammatical rules, Lengua’s dataset is designed to show the user how grammar is used in natural sentences. 
  • Instead of adding gamification features ad nauseum, Lengua focuses on making the learning process itself enjoyable.

Lengua teaches grammar by teaching the user how the rules are used in context. For example, in Spanish the verb is conjugated differently depending on formality. For the sentence ‘What is your name?’ Lengua teaches you both the informal (¿Còmo te llamas?) version and the polite (¿Còmo se llama usted?) version. Easy! After learning a few examples like this, you develop an intuitive “feel” for the grammar.

Research shows that little and frequent is better than much and seldom. Pick it up a couple of times per day for a few minutes. Retrieval practice spread out over time is what effective learning is all about!

According to this symposium paper mentioned in this blog post, the 1000 most frequently used Spanish words are sufficient to understand 87.8% of all oral speech. For true fluency practice speaking is essential, but the paper suggest that Lengua will teach you everything you need to know to be in a great position to start speaking!

What makes lengua so effective?

Lengua is the result of an extensive study of the academic literature and some of the principles implemented are
retrieval practice, Flow experience, and spaced repetition.

Retrieval practice

Retrieval practice is testing, rather than just reading or "studying" the material you want to learn. It is at the core of Lengua's methodology and is one of the most robust pedagogical principles.

Flow experience

Flow experience is a mental state which has been linked to both learning performance and engagement. Lengua is designed to induce Flow.

Spaced repetition

Since Ebbinghaus published his experiments on learning in 1885, spaced repetition has been known as a cornerstone in learning. Lengua implements a clever algorithm for optimally spacing revision.



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